How it works

The NoahFace Temperature Screening solution uses a completely unmanned and touchless kiosk designed for self-service. It includes an embedded iPad and and state of the art nano-optical sensor - providing reliability, security, and fast and accurate temperature measurements.

The NoahFace Temperature Screening solution can be used:

Integrated with our Time and Attendance solutions, screening staff before they start work, or students when they arrive at school.
Integrated with our Access Control solutions, screening staff before they enter your premises.
Stand-alone, to test staff temperatures, positioned at appropriate locations in your work place.
Stand-alone, to test visitor temperatures, positioned in your lobby or foyer.

NoahFace is highly configurable, allowing you to completely customize the home screen, warning messages,  graphical on screen feedback, email alerts, and integrated hardware (eg: warning lights).

When used for employee focused applications, NoahFace uses facial recognition technology to instantly recognize individuals. It automatically tracks individualized "normal" temperature ranges, making it far more accurate than solutions using a fixed temperature threshold.

In all cases, the captured events can be stored securely in the Cloud, where they can be searched, viewed, and exported by authorized users.

  Ralph Johnson, SVP of Sales 

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